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General questions

How much does it cost to join is 100% free of charge, there are no hidden fees, commitments, or training charges.

I have multiple sites, can I use one account for them all?

Yes you can. You can create custom campaigns for your sites to help you sort your projects for easier management.

What does „master account" means?

Master account is the main account, with administration privileges. Only the „master account” can execute modifications (set markup, authority level, change password etc.), create and control sub-agents.

How often the statistics are updated?

Our statistics are updated every hour.

Service questions

How to make a reservation?

After you signed in to your account you can access our “Hotel booking” menu, where you can select your destination, room preference, and check-in, check-out dates. After clicking “Search for Hotels” you will see a list of available hotels where you can make a reservation. You just need to choose a hotel which you prefer, and on it’s hotel page you will see a list of available rooms. After selecting the room, you will be directed to our payment page where you will have to fill in the required details and select a payment method for your reservation.

How can I review the total cost of the booking, including taxes and service charges?

The system automatically provides you with a price for the requested hotel, including all fare and service elements for the requested period. In general, prices are inclusive of all taxes and service fees. In some cases city tax is payable at the hotel upon check out governed by local law. Room prices are per room per night.

What is the cancellation policy?

The proper cancellation information is stated at the time of booking at the hotel's page. To receive more information about it, hover your mouse over the room's cancellation policy.

What does pay later mean?

For bookings which are free to cancel, you have the option to pay later for the reservation. If you choose the "Pay later" payment method, you can only pay for your reservation by credit card at a later time. In your booking confirmation e-mail you will find the deadline of the payment. This is important because if you do not pay for the reservation within the given deadline, the reservation is automatically deleted. You can pay for your reservation by entering your "Booking management", choose the booking which you booked with the "Pay later" method, click the "View booking" icon, and choose "Pay now".

Where can I see my bookings?

You can view all your bookings under the "Booking management" menu.

When can I print invoice?

In case you are paying with a credit card, you will receive your invoice immediately after your successful booking. If you are paying for the booking by wire transfer, you will receive your invoice after the amount is deposited on our account.

Where can I manage the sub-agent commission level?

Log in to your master account. From your "Account settings" drop down menu choose "Sub-agent management". Find your sub-agent and click on the "Edit" icon.

How can I modify the permissions of the sub-agent?

Log in to your master account. From your "Agents" menu, choose a sub-agent from the sub-agent list. Click on the “Edit details & Permissions” icon. In the sub-agent's settings you have the options to personalize the permission of the account.

Support questions

What is the minimum payout amount?

The minimum payout amount is $100 for all of payout methods.

How do I get paid?

Payouts are sent upon request by wire transfer, or by Paypal. You can send us your request from your account easily by accessing “Account settings > Payout management”.

Where can I reach support?

Our support team is available 24/7 to answer your queries regarding the use of our system, or booking queries. You can reach them via our contact page or by calling +352 27 86 04 68.

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